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Episodes of Building Vesser and Marketing Sweats featured above were produced by our team.

Digital ad returns are dropping. Now what?

ROAS through Google or Facebook is now as low as 2 to 1.

Only 9% of viewers view full YouTube ads when on mobile devices, whereas 80% of podcast listeners tune into podcast ads without skipping them because they are viewed as less intrusive.

Privacy initiatives from Apple mean ad targeting is not as good as it once was.

Meanwhile, 55% of listeners have reported purchasing a product after hearing about it on a podcast.

Brands are cutting prices or piling on discounts because they struggle to differentiate their product beyond price.

There is a better way than a race to the bottom.

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Podcasts create trust faster than any other media.

Customers buy from brands they trust. They rave about brands when they have a meaningful relationship. Plus, those relationships directly translate to revenue.

We’ve seen brands increase their sales by 12x simply by focusing their marketing around stories that matter to their customers instead of heavily relying on ads and discounts. And, there's no more story-driven media than podcasts.

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